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Dogville Daycare & Boarding – Tulsa OK

sign for Dogville Daycare and BoardingAfter our pup Osage's very traumatic surgery, we boarded him at Tulsa's locally-owned Dogville Daycare and Boarding. Dogville Daycare is co-owned and managed by Dr. Delana Taylor McNac, a graduate of the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine, a licensed professional counselor and hospice chaplain.

Osage's surgery included opening his bowels and intestines, so strict confinement after surgery was a must. Keeping him crated at home and taking him on a leash to go to the bathroom would be impossible with Penny and Theo wanting to play with him.

Thankfully, Dogville Daycare is a 24-hour operation with Delana, her husband and several staff on site at all times.

They'll make sure Osage doesn't disturb his stitches, watch to see that he's recovering as expected and give him required medication. Demetrius and I are relieved that SOMEONE will be watching him at all times and that a vet is on the grounds.

Dogville Daycare & Boarding - Tulsa OK Dog Boarding

After we dropped Osage off today and he was made comfortable, Delana gave us a tour of their 4,000 square foot facility. Dogville Daycare offers different boarding packagestailored to meet your pup's needs. They have a large inside playroom and a half-acre "mini dog park" in addition to individual boarding rooms.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself." ~ Josh Billings

You can drop your pup off for the day or while you are on vacation. They offer dog day care, dog boarding with spacious suites, comfort care for special needs dogs and senior dogs.

Visit their web site to see the many options available. In addition to several choices for your special needs pet, there are alternatives for "cage free" boarding.

Here are a few photos I snapped during our tour.

playroom at Dogville Daycare and Boarding

Delana's hubby playing with a pup in the inside playroom.

tulsa boarding for special need dogs

Sweet little pup with an E-Collar!!

decor of boarding suites at dogville daycare

Boarding suite decor matches Delana's personality!

room with a bed at dogville daycare and boarding

And if your pup is use to sleeping in a bed - a bed it shall have!tulsa dog boarding for senior dogs

This LARGE senior pup could easily jump out of his room, so see-through bars for everybody's safety!tulsa ok dogville daycare and boarding

This pup is being boarded with a sibling. They need to be segregated, but want to see each other, so they're across the hall from one another. Sweet.

Call Delana at 918-949-6070 to find out more about this awesome dog boarding facility in Tulsa. It's conveniently located at 9525 East 47th Place in a really BLUE building!


Oh, and I guess I should show a photo of Osage post-surgery. He is showing off his stitches obviously - and requesting a belly rub! By the way, he ate a TOWEL that was lodged in his bowel and intestines - and had to be surgically removed. Now we are missing a $3,000 towel.

Osage after surgery

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