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Midtown Tulsa Home Buying Process – Let’s Shop!

The home buying process includes:buyer road map

  1. Meet with a Real Estate Professional
  2. Get Pre-Approved
  3. Search for Homes
  4. Make an Offer
  5. Negotiation and Contract
  6. Under Contract
  7. Final Details
  8. Closing

Today we’re going to discuss the 3rd step – search for homes and shop!

You are probably already searching online on Zillow or realtor.com, although a Realtor can set up a more sophisticated search for you on our MLS (multiple listing service). For example, if you are searching in midtown Tulsa and only want to search from 15th Street to the north, 41st to the south, Riverside to Yale Avenue, I can set up that specific geographic search for you. You can’t do that on other property search sites.

If you are searching for a 3 bedroom in midtown Tulsa, you may consider searching for a 2 bedroom. If what you want is a main bedroom, guest bedroom and office, there may be a 2 bedroom that has a flex space that could be used for an office. I have seen midtown bungalows with screened in porches or sitting rooms that would make a perfect office.

If you’re concerned about the utilities being in the garage or basement, don’t let that deter you either. Often we can find a perfect niche for a stackable unit inside.

I advise Buyers that the two most important factors to consider when searching for their home purchase is (1) location and (2) layout. And ALWAYS keep resale in mind. You can sometimes modify a layout, but you can’t change the location. If the house backs up to the expressway, it’s always going to back up to the expressway. Should you need to sell in the future, that factor will limit your prospective Buyer pool.



home buyer checklist

I shopped for homes with a particularly responsible and focused Buyer earlier this year. I snapped a photo of the spread sheet she filled out for each home we toured. Not only did she make note of the age of the heat and air and whether or not the house had gutters, she also made note of the closest fire hydrant location and closest fire station! It was interesting for me to see what she considered important and the factors she wanted to compare when she reviewed her notes after shopping.

At the end of the day, it depends on the inventory in your area, the amount of time you have to make a decision and how flexible you can be. Hopefully you will find a home with which you fall in love and it will have a new roof – and gutters!

If you’d like to shop for homes with me, give me a call and we’ll start right away! 918-852-5036  

Content written and published by Lori Cain.

Lori Cain is a residential Realtor with eXp Realty serving the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area. Call 918-852-5036. eXp Realty is the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage®!

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Please visit my web site if you are shopping for Tulsa homes for sale or call 918-852-5036 for more information about Midtown Tulsa Real Estate. In addition to my advanced grasp of the internet to market your Tulsa home for sale, I include a home staging consultation with every listing AND professional photography - at no aditional cost to you!

Lori is a residential Realtor with eXp Realty serving the greater Tulsa area and specializing in downtown Tulsa and midtown Tulsa real estate.

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