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My year (and special moments) in Tulsa real estate 2011

My year (and special moments) in Tulsa real estate 2011 car in snow

My encounter with Shelley Cadamy should have prepared me for my memorable year in real estate. Shelley was relocating from OKC to Tulsa with three children, was starting a new job and planning a wedding - obviously she multi-tasks well. Shelley wanted to see one particular Tulsa home for sale, but I had no idea she was hell-bent to drive to Tulsa to see it in the snow - a LOT of snow!! In addition to viewing her beautiful home, we met her lovely neighbors who helped dig her car out of the snow after we had dug her fiancé's car out. Shelley literally married Rick Munoz one week after closing AND then started her new job. I'm delighted that she and her family are in Tulsa!

Tom and Misty and I almost bought the wrong house. We all fell in love with one midtown Tulsa home for sale that had multiple offers - and we lost out. Determined to succeed, we hit the ground the next day ready to shop - and found something we all loved so much more. (Lesson learned about "the one that got away.") Also lesson learned about checking out flood history. They're now neighbors, close to Brookside and the bike trails, and we're happy to have them nearby.

Next comes Kathy and Steve who sold their home in Southern Pointe to settle into a home they inherited in midtown Tulsa. Before the year ended, they purchased another home in Southern Pointe, and we'll put their midtown Tulsa home for sale on the market at the beginning of 2012. Kathy & Steve are wonderful clients and friends. They are believers in home staging, and you'll be seeing photos soon of their midtown Tulsa home for sale.

Woman painting wallThen I met Linda and Ron through Anna - they were returning to Tulsa and bought a condo two blocks away from me and Deme. This condo embraced the hottest designer trends of the 1970s, and it only took Linda a few months to renovate it to a contemporary and comfortable home. Demetrius and I went to their house-warming party - what a marvelous transformation! We're delighted to have Linda and Ron as neighbors and friends - fun couple.

Later, Ron and Linda's daughter's family relocated to Tulsa, and we found Kristen, Andrew and family the perfect home too. Thankfully, "taste" seems hereditary in that family - along with patience and humor!

George sold his Mother's home after she moved in with his family. We never showed Mary her home after George updated it, but I'm certain that she would have approved. The first-time Buyer who purchased her home was likely as excited as she was when she and Pete first purchased it. The home will be well cared for, and I think we all feel good about that. garden deva

I was so excited to sell "the Garden Deva's" rental home. Sold in four days because it was a kick-ass, tricked out house. I had little to do with Lisa's success but blessed to be part of it. Of course, I turned around and spent my entire commission check at Garden Deva's studio, proving that the saying "what goes around comes around" is absolutely true.

Then I met Leor and Hillary. I'm always pleased to receive an Internet inquiry, but I had no idea that I would meet new FRIENDS this special. We ALSO almost bought the wrong house, but lost out in a multiple offer situation. A month+ later, we found a home that suited them so much better. They are just around the corner from us now and we are learning what great cooks they are. Their south Tulsa home is currently under contract and should close mid-January. So, wonderful friendship and happy ending!

My fav clients (and friends) Mike & Gabbi referred Gabbi's Mom, Meg, to me. I've never gone through such a whirl-wind shopping spree with an out-of-state Buyer, but we had a good time shopping together on the Internet. Meg bought a great home, and I can't wait to meet her. That woman is a pistol.

Pat introduced me to her mother - I had sold two homes in Florence Park for Pat. We sold her Mom, Emalee's home to a lovely family who desperately wanted the four bedrooms and school district. That was a smooth transaction where everyone left with a happy face. Come to think of it, Emalee turns 90 this month and I haven't received an invitation to her birthday party as promised - will have to check on that! Couple painting home

Brian & Misty were awesome clients. We had some challenges selling their Owasso home, but they quickly stepped up to the plate each time. Seriously, they were accommodating Sellers! Each time Lil or I provided feedback, they responded. You would be shocked if you saw how high Brian got on a ladder to paint. And, once we had their Owasso home under contract, we found an awesome Tulsa home purchase in Florence Park - darling bungalow with a pool - and they love it there! Welcome to midtown Tulsa, Brian and Misty!!! baby boy

Brent & Sandra were special 1st-time home buyers this year. I lost track of how many homes we viewed, but we finally found the perfect one. We were scheduled to close at a time to accommodate Sandra's doctor appointment, but she surprised us all by giving birth to a son in the early morning hours. Our closer wound up going to the hospital to close and get all signatures, as only one of us was allowed. So, he got a new house on the day he was born. Wonder what he'll want on his 16th birthday?

Stan was smart to move OUT of his 4,000 square foot home and purchase his down-sized property to ease the transition and best prepare his south Tulsa home for sale. Updating in progress and all is on schedule. Pics of his home for sale in The Crescent coming soon!

Roger and Peggy Jo win the prize for being the cutest couple of the year and wearing matching t-shirts. I think Roger celebrated his 79th birthday shortly before closing. We sold his home in Collinsville, and he purchased a home in Peggy Jo's neighborhood. They enjoy doing a lot of things together, so the drive from Collinsville no longer made sense. They were truly a joy and inspiration to be around. barn

Tyler & Samantha were also first-time home buyers and were able to take advantage of Rural Development financing to purchase Roger's home in Collinsville. Tyler said it looked exactly like the home he grew up in. Multiple repairs were required by the RD Appraiser and in order to make it work, Tyler and Sam spent one weekend painting a barn and another weekend replacing fencing and windows. I was really proud to see them "get after it" to make this purchase possible. Now, I'm reminded that they owe me a margarita!

ToolbeltAnna reminds me a lot of Shelley, so it's fitting that we closed on her home purchase at the end of the year. Anna was hell-bent on getting a good deal on a fixer-upper, which she did. She's currently experiencing some plumbing woes, so I'm not moving this to the "success" column yet. What I love most about Anna is her optimism and vision - she sees possibilities where the rest of us see junk. As soon as she makes this house habitable for her family, we'll be selling her midtown garden oasis home - photos coming out early spring I suspect. Bernie's house

And, then there was Bernie.
I believe my life is complete now that I have known Bernie. We sold her beautiful four-square vintage home in Stonebreaker Heights, and it is perhaps one of the most amazing homes I've sold. Bernie restored this home with the love of a true artist and it was an honor to be in her midst.

I appreciate my friends who sent me referrals. Thank you Kari for referring David and Dot. Thank you Richard for referring Jeff. And I'm thankful for my internet inquiry from Randy and Denise - and we're thankful that Denise transferred to Tulsa to work at St. John's! friends touching hands

Each year in real estate brings a few more gray hairs and a few tears and smiles. I spent this morning struggling through some mold issues and possible moisture intrusion on a stucco veneer, so don't think that my job is all glamour, giggles and smiles. Plus, a client called last night at 10:30pm with sewer problems. I thought I would spend the day finishing holiday shopping, but spent the day on the phone with inspectors, repairman and vendors instead.

But my valuable job brings me and others much happiness and lasting friendships. I get to meet some of the most amazing people I otherwise would not encounter. 2011 was a great year for this Tulsa Realtor, and I appreciate each and every client that made it the special year that it turned out to be!!

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